The Gravedigger Ghost Tour

Single Day Tour Starts in Dublin & Ends in Dublin

Tour highlights

The Gravedigger Ghost Tour will bring its guest 600 years back in time visiting an spooky old Augustinian Priory, haunted churchyards and jails and even exploring Dublin during the plague times. From Trinity College, to St. Audeon’s Church, on to Kilmainham Jail, Bully's Acre, and the famous Gravediggers Pub. This tour is for history lovers who are not faint of heart.

Tickets to this tour includes a free ghoulish drink and a few Haunted History Dublin Walking Tour ticket.




The Gravedigger Ghost Tour will board their ghostly bus outside the Extreme Ireland Tourist Office, opposite Trinity College. It is a bus like no other and you’ll have plenty of time to get comfortable... if you can!

The tour will drive past Dublin Castle and Christ Church while the group hears about the ghoulish history by your plague-ridden guide.



8:20PM TO 8:40PM - ST. AUDEON’S

The group arrives at St. Audeon’s Church, on the south side of the Liffey. A church which is also known as “Hell”. The tour will enter the grounds of St. Audeon’s as they’re told about it’s gruesome history, by lamplight.

Don’t take its nickname of “Hell” lightly… you’ll find the hairs on the back of neck standing up as you listen to the dark history of St Audeon's.



Next the Gravedigger Ghost Tour visits Kilmainham Jail where there is a surprise awaiting the group.

Kilmainham Jail opened in 1796 and was one of the most modern jails in Ireland. It was built on Gallows Hill and over 4,000 prisoners from the jail were transported to Australia. Overcrowding was an issue during the famine as many were put in jail for begging and stealing for food. Women were a significant proportion of the inmates until 1881 when it became an all-male prison.

The tour will also see Bully's Acre, Dublin's oldest cemetery, which has a fascinating story of its own.




The tour will pass by Croppie’s Acre and St. Michan’s Church en route to the Gravedigger’s Pub, in Glasnevin.

Croppies Acre refers to the name ‘Croppy’, which was used in Ireland in the 1790s. It was a reference to the Irish rebels who cropped their hair to imitate the French Revolutionaries who cut their hair to differentiate themselves from the aristocracy who wore powdered wigs.

St. Michan's Church draws crowds due to the macabre remains found there. These remain and consist of numerous coffins and well-preserved bodies. The organ from 1724 also remains, which Handel may have played for the first-ever performance of his Messiah. Although the tour won’t enter St. Michan’s it’s definitely worth a trip.

At the Gravedigger’s the tour members will receive a ghoulish tipple and learn about the surprisingly widespread practice of grave robbing.

The price of the tour includes your Ghoulish Brew at the Gravediggers, and a FREE Haunted History Walking Tour of Dublin which normally costs 13 euros. To use this FREE pass simply show up for the tour on the night of your choice and present your booking confirmation for the Grave Diggers tour. This offer is valid for one month from the date of your Gravedigger Ghost Tour.



Then the tour returns to the city center and lets any survivors wander into the night after a night of fun, frights, and history.

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What's included

From Dublin’s city center to Kilmainham Jails to the tombs of St. Michan’s and on to the famous Gravediggers pub the Gravedigger Ghost Tour will bring the city’s most gruesome history alive!

Along the nighttime tour of Dublin, you’ll learn about major schemes to try and keep the plague at bay, discover horrible fates that many poor souls found themselves in. Your guide will take you through the weird and wonderful past events that have taken place in Dublin by unearthing legends and ghosts.

The Gravedigger Ghost Tour group will meet at Trinity College, on College Green where they’ll be transported 600 years back in time, when the Augustine Priory was in operation and the plague houses were full, something your guide is more than just a little familiar with. Try to ignore his coughing and spluttering; cover your mouth and listen to his stories of plague ravaged Dublin and its unfortunate victims.

Along the way the tour group will hear how the unfortunate victims looked for relief by bathing their wounds in the same water that supplied the city with drinking water. You’ll learn how the mayor tried to keep the plague at bay. Discover what happened to the unfortunates who contracted this horrible disease. Some were shunned and cast aside, while others came to a more gruesome end. Many believed that the plague heralded the end of the world, but Dublin's horrors continued for an extended period with poverty and depravity fueling it.

Let your plague victim and his ghoulish friends take you on an adventure around Dublin and its darker history. Definitely a tour for those that enjoy the macabre. Prepare to be scared, entertained and informed

The price of the tour includes your Ghoulish Brew at the Gravediggers, and a FREE Haunted History Walking Tour of Dublin which normally costs 13 euros. To use this FREE pass simply show up for the tour on the night of your choice and present your booking confirmation for the Grave Diggers tour. This offer is valid for one month from the date of your Gravedigger Ghost Tour.


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