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Belleek Pottery


If it’s good enough for Royalty, it’s good enough for us! The Royal Families of Europe’ knew fine china, and as wealthy porcelain connoisseurs, the Royal’s were a huge fan of Belleek Pottery, still going strong today as the oldest craft pottery line in Ireland. Belleek Pottery’s story began in 1849, in County Fermanagh, Ireland, when John Caldwell Bloomfield was a kind young man trying to create jobs for the impoverished tenants on his father’s estate. He was an amateur mineralogist, and realized the land was rich with minerals that could be fired into porcelain. Belleek Pottery was born.

The exquisite porcelain produced was famously quite thin, slightly iridescent, and delicately hand-painted, and the techniques used were eventually passed down from generation to generation. We have Belleek Pottery designs on plates, vases, teapots, mugs, jugs, trinkets and photo frames – beautiful heirlooms all!

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