Sean Ahearn, 27, is accused of drugging and raping a Columbia University dental student after the two agreed to meet at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York City.

The New York Daily News reports that Ahearn first met the 26-year-old woman online before deciding to meet at the posh New York City hotel on April 7 at 8 pm.

Ahearn paid for a room in the hotel which the duo went up to together. There, Ahearn is accused of spiking the woman’s drink and raping her.

Reports indicate Ahearn left the hotel the after the alleged crime, leaving the victim to wake up alone and head to Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. There, the victim was given a rape kit and a toxicology test, the results of which are still pending.

After filing a police report, the victim participated in a “controlled call” between her and Ahearn, in which he reportedly admitted to drugging and raping her.

Ahearn was arrested on Saturday April 27 under charges of third-degree rape and facilitating a sex offense with a controlled substance.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Battery Park, New York CityGoogle Images