The Dublin promoters who launched the “Knickers for Liquor’ promotion at Tramco nightclub, in Rathmines, have rejected claims that the stunt is “exploitative” and say there are “more exciting things to come”.

Despite being the brunt of national and international disgust Midnight Promoters, who are implementing promotions for the Rathmines, South Dublin, nightclub are refusing to admit the stunt which gave free drinks to customers who handed over their underwear last Friday was "exploitative".

Earlier this summer the nightclub was the site of the alleged rape of a 15-year-old girl at a Junior Cert party. Ordinarily the nightclub is frequented by college students and young adults.

The Rape Crisis Center in Dublin told the Evening Herald they saw the stunt as “exploitative and objectifying of sexuality". They said the stunts impact was intensified due to the fact that the nightclub was at the center of the alleged sexual assault just three months ago.

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The world famous US media blog Gawker even picked up on the shocking story. Immediately going for the jugular they said Tramco was named “after the Gaelic word for "sh***y nightclub"”

Commenting on the alleged rape back in June they said “You might think that, with this horrible incident still fairly fresh in everyone's minds, Tramco would maybe postpone hosting a party that seems to encourage women to remove their underpants and get sloshed—at least for a little while longer.”

Jamie White, the promoter who organized the stunt, said the nightclub has changed management since the assault. He said “Although the venue is the same, the management, age profile and promoters are entirely different.”

Their “Knickers for Liquor” promotion started last Friday. White said it was even more popular than the club expected. He said “It went down well. There was a positive response -- not a huge amount took part, but those who did take part did so in good fashion."

Dublin’s Evening Herald newspaper reported that young adults had exposed themselves and posed in sexually explicit manner to get a free drink.

Ellen O'Malley Dunlop, of the Rape Crisis Centre, said "It's clubs like this which are objectifying sexual behaviour. People are entitled to have fun but this is totally exploitative and objectifying…We certainly wouldn't be supporting something like this."

White retorted saying he believed the Rape Crisis Center was “wrong”.

Midnight Promoters said Dublin could expect more “innovative and exciting” promotions during the coming weeks. They added that they had received no complaints from locals.