Beaten presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon’s niece has made a formal complaint to British police, alleging she was abused by her uncle John Brown.

Susan Gorrell, now 45, travelled from her home in Iowa last Wednesday to formally make a statement to officers in London.

Gorrell outlined two cases of abuse at a North London address in the 1970s. She also plans to sue Dana personally for libel over claims made during the Irish presidential election.

Just 24 hours before the Irish election, Dana’s niece outlined to British police how she was abused twice in the 1970s in the Brent area of London by John Brown, her uncle and Dana’s brother.

Brown, who acted as campaign manager during Dana’s failed election bid, has repeatedly denied the allegations which first surfaced during a 2008 court case in Iowa.

A spokesman for London’s Metropolitan Police has confirmed to the Irish Mail on Sunday that complaints were lodged with the force last Wednesday.


Dana Rosemary Scallon’s brother accused of molesting sister’s child

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He said: “A 45-year-old woman made an allegation on Wednesday, October 26, regarding an historic assault that had occurred in the Brent area of northwest London in the 1970s.

“Specially trained officers from the Child Abuse Investigation Team are investigating.”

Gorrell’s mother Susan Stein and the rest of Dana’s family have refused to comment on the story.

The Irish Mail on Sunday also reports that Gorrell advanced her plans to sue Dana for libel during her flying visit to London last week.

After she met with British police, Gorrell attended a meeting with high profile media lawyer Paul Tweed in the English capital on Friday.

Tweed is advising Gorrell on her wish to sue television station TV3 and Dana in separate deformation cases relating to comments made about the alleged abuse case by Dana in a TV3 interview.

“My clients are determined to pursue this matter and ensure the full truth comes out,” Tweed told the paper.

During the election campaign, Dana repeatedly claimed that the allegations against her brother were "vile and malicious."

Brown, believed to be still resident in England, is expected to be questioned by police in the near future over the allegations.

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