UPDATE: Presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon vows to continue campaign

Irish Presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon’s brother and campaign advisor, John Brown, was accused by his brother-in-law, Dr. Ronald Stein, of sexually abusing Stein’s daughter in 2008.

An investigation by IrishCentral.com has unearthed court documents which show that Dr Ronald Stein, the husband of Dana’s sister Susan, alleged that John Brown sexually abused their daughter for over a decade.

The Independent candidate hinted that the allegations were about to emerge during a presidential debate on Wednesday night in which she described the claims as “malicious” and “vile”.

The claims were made during a 2008 court dispute which focused on a number of copyright issues, including the payment of royalties by Heart Beat Records, a Christian music company the family had established in the U.S.

Although seemingly unrelated to the claims of either party, during his testimony, Dr Stein, a dentist in Iowa and one of the named parties in the action, told the court that his brother in law John had phoned the family home in early 2005, to confess to abusing his daughter.

“In January of 2005 John Brown called me at home and apologized for abusing my daughter for over a period of 12 years. He said he was sorry, he knew that God had forgiven him, and he would like to ask me for my forgiveness,” Dr Stein told the court.

Stein continued, “Then he asked, well, what about Heart Beat, and I said you're finished with Heart Beat, you will have nothing to do with Heart Beat, you will have nothing to do with my family.”

John Brown later resigned from the company on January 28 2005.

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UPDATE: Presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon vows to continue campaign

Dana Rosemary Scallon lashes out at 'vile' lies being spread about her family

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According to the pleadings, the company was initially formed in 1985 as Reilly'O Corporation by John Brown, his sister Susan and her husband Ron. When Dana’s music profile increased in the U.S. she and her husband Damien joined the company which evolved into Heart Beat Records.

Although Brown did not appear or testify in person at the trial, he had given deposition testimony prior to the trial. This testimony was introduced during the hearing, which lasted a number of days.

The judge quoted an email in his ruling sent by Dana to her sister Susan in 2005, in which she addressed her brother’s resignation from the company.

“I know that the terrible manner in which John was forced from the company was nothing other than a business move to secure ownership. Is anything worth it?” Dana’s email stated.

In his ruling, Judge Charles Wolle said that he was convinced, “that no witness spoke only the truth. All, including those testifying by deposition, exaggerated to some extent, some more than others”.

After the first three days of trial, Dana and her husband Damien attempted to have court transcripts relating to Dr Stein’s sexual abuse allegations redacted prior to public release, arguing that they had no bearing on the facts of the case.  However, the Judge denied their application and allegations by Dr. Stein against John Brown remain.

When IrishCentral spoke with Susan Stein on Thursday, she refused to discuss the allegations.

UPDATE: Presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon vows to continue campaign