A mysterious rumor involving Dana Rosemary Scallon’s unnamed family member surfaced last night during RTÉ’s Prime Time presidential candidate debate; although Scallon refused to acknowledge what the rumor actually was, she did not hesitate to address the evil and malicious nature of the news in an emotional statement.

Scallon read from a somewhat confusing prepared statement last night, informing everyone that there was a rumor that was about to surface in the media.

She said, “It has come to my attention that yet further allegations, this time of a most untrue and malicious, vile nature have been levelled against a member of my family.”

Scallon insists that these rumors are false. She said her family had hired professionals to deal with the problem.

Speaking on the RTE show she said “Let it be known that lawyers have already been instructed to forensically investigate a particular communication that spread this vile false allegation which attempts to implicate me and destroy my good character.”

Such rumors, Scallon insists, will not get in her way of being a successful potential presidential candidate.

According to the Irish Times, “When asked if she would consider withdrawing from the presidential race, Ms Scanlon said she did not believe ‘you should ever give in to malicious intent, never.’”
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The other presidential candidates are seemingly at a loss regarding the content of the rumor. After the show, Scallon was so shaken up that her fellow opponents had to comfort her. Senator David Norris reported he had spoken with her after the show, but couldn’t comment on the issue because he simply did not know what it was about.

Although Scallon gave no indication as to what the rumor could be about, last week, it was reported that Scallon’s sister admitted that Scallon did not inform the 1997 electorate that she had taken out US citizenship when she was running for president that year

Scallon, it seems, wants nothing more than to figure out who started these rumors and attempts to defame her. Summing up her desire to catch the perpetrators, Scallon commented, “I assure the Irish people that I will leave no stone unturned to expose the malicious intent at the heart of these untrue allegations.