Failed Presidential candidate Dana Rosemary Scallon is being sued by her American-based sister and niece in the ongoing family row.

Susan Gorrell, who claims she was sexually abused by Dana’s brother John Brown, has begun proceedings along with her mother Susan Stein, Dana’s sister.

The pair are taking legal action against the former singer over allegations she made in a controversial interview with the Irish television station TV3.

They served a plenary summons on Dana on Friday and hope to get the case to Dublin’s High Court as early as May.

Gorrell, now a successful movie producer resident in Iowa, alleges that she was abused by her uncle Brown between the ages of five and 13.

The allegations first came to light when Dana made an unexpected outburst at the end of a televised presidential election debate.

The Eurovision winner attacked "the vile allegations made against members of my family."

She said: “It has come to my attention that yet further allegations, this time of a most untrue and malicious vile nature, have been leveled against a member of my family.”

Scallon then repeated the remarks during another interview with TV3 reporter Ursula Halligan.

Hours before the interview was broadcast, American lawyers acting on behalf of Gorrell, warned the station that their client stood over the allegations and would take legal action if it went ahead.

Not alone did the station proceed with the interview, an extended version of it is still available on the TV3 website according to a report in the Sunday Independent.


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Now resident in London, Brown then withdrew from his role as Dana’s election agent.

The 42-year-old Gorrell is the co-owner of Rell Productions and co-produced A Million Spokes, the award-winning documentary on a seven-day bike ride across Iowa with her husband, Ken Gorrell who won an Emmy in 2008 for his work on the HBO mini-series 'John Adams.'

TV3 made no comment on the story when contacted by the Sunday Independent.

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