An Irish pub owner, in New York back in 2009, said he was serving turkey a la vodka for Thanksgiving – a recipe his mother created for him back in Ireland.

Paul Hurley of O’Casey’s bar in midtown Manhattan will inject all his birds with 100-proof Georgi vodka to liven up Turkey Day for customers.

“It’s a turkey you can eat and drink at the same time, but you'll need a cab home,” Hurley told the New York Post. There's an ounce of vodka in every bite.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving chef Paul Loftus began injecting eight ounces of vodka into each of the 20-pound birds. Before Thanksgiving week 124-holiday boozers have signed up for the bird. A whole cooked turkey goes for $69.

Hurley said his mom in Ireland came up with the idea. The bar owner said: “On Christmas, my mom said ‘why not try some vodka in the turkey.’”

What do you think? Would you try this Irish barman's recipe for your bird? Let us know below.

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* Originally published in November 2009.