Kerrygold: Top facts about the Irish brand favorite.

Could you imagine spreading some Leprechaun on your toast or using it to mash your spuds? Well, you may have readily done so had that been chosen as the top name for the famous Irish brand thankfully now known as Kerrygold. 

Leprechaun had been among 60 names selected in a list of options for the Irish brand upon its creation, with other suggestions including Shannon Gold and Tub-o-gold. 

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Maybe we could have greeted Leprechaun with the same vigor that we now do Kerrygold but we have to say that we're very glad it was not picked as the number one choice.

No matter the name, nobody can doubt the taste and deliciousness of Kerrygold products as so we are honoring the popular brand as one of Ireland's greats during our #InternationalIrish campaign in July. 

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Watch the video below to find more great facts about Kerrygold: 

Top facts about Kerrygold

As part of IrishCentral's celebration of Irish business and brands throughout July, we take a look at one of the greatest Irish brands of them all, Kerrygold ☘️ More info here:

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Kerrygold may have been called Leprechaun!