Sorting the men from the boys on a New Jersey football pitch


By the end of the season the traveling to Newark from the Bronx took its toll on me and I "retired."  I began playing with the team to grow my knowledge of American Football, but I came away from it with much more knowledge of American culture and, specifically, a culture in Newark which many people mock or believe is non-existent.

Despite the area's many drawbacks, on-the-ground people like Coach Moss believe in its potential and have dedicated their lives to improving the neighborhood. He recently set up a college team which is an amalgamation of students from the community colleges in Newark. This means he is now able to tempt people to go back to school so they can play for him. Sport offers us a vehicle to promote values and to give young men a route out of their troubles. In the New Jersey Spartans, one such vehicle is thriving.


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