Haunted Irish pubs in Ireland to celebrate Halloween (PHOTOS)


9. Leap Castle
Leap Castle is inhabited by several ghosts. One, perhaps the most frightening, is that of a foul smelling elemental creature that is half human and half beast. It is said to roam the lower regions of the Castle.

A ghost of a young girl, believed to be the daughter of a one-time owner of the Castle, also haunts the site. The story goes that her father killed the boy she was in love with, so she in turn killed her father one night during his sleep. The following day, the girl was pushed off the castle by an invisible hand, falling to her death from what is believed to be the ghost of her own father’s hand.

Many visitors have reported eerie moaning and weeping sounds at night, as well as lights at the top of the Castle, perhaps the young girl wandering about mourning her lost love.

10. Kinnitty Castle
The “Phantom Monk of Kinnitty” has been seen gliding along the room of the Banquet Hall in this Castle.The Phantom often stops to look out of a particular window overlooking the courtyard.

Sometimes, he even communicates with staff members or visitors of the Castle,
The Geraldine Room and the Elizabeth Room are said to be two haunted bedrooms in the Castle. In other areas of the Castle, eerie presences are often felt.

Source - The Irish Independent- read original story here.