Trayvon Martin shooting was not an act of racism, but a community trying to defend itself


Communities are having to come to grips with the costs involved of protecting their citizens.  Some communities are trying to cut costs by having non police dept technicians collect evidence at crime scenes. There is also talk of privatizing some segments of police work, such as traffic enforcement and other non violent crime areas.

Some communities are getting rid of their local departments of police and fire altogether, finding them too expensive to maintain, they are sub contracting with regional sheriff and fire depts to serve their needs. Many communities are now using private fire fighting services and considering using private security companies to provide basic protections.

All of this doesn't bode well to the citizen that think instant help will be there with a 911 call.  In many cases when danger is seconds away, the police are just minutes away and the difference between you living to be able to defend yourself in court, or dying and being carried away in a your right to bear fire arms.

There will be calls for tighter gun controls because of the Trayvon Martin shooting, but more restrictions only give the criminals a bigger advantage. Look at the cities with the tightest gun controls, it doesn't put a dent in the criminals owning guns.  As a result citizens feel the need to enhance their security with more neighborhood watches and by purchasing fire arms for their personal protection. 

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