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We thought it was high time to explain some euphemisms often used by new Irish immigrants: 

Jacks – Bathroom/toilet

Mot - Girlfriend

Coddin – fooling

Chancer – a person trying his/her luck.

Gombeen - fool

A right head da ball - A bit of a fool

A few sandwiches short of a picnic - not all there in the brain department.

There'll be skin and bones flying - describing a fight or threat to someone.

Bold – naughty (mostly used for children)

Crator – used as empathy for someone (you poor thing)

No more interested in NAME than the man on the moon – I don’t like NAME.

Losing the run of himself – trying to undertake something that may be impossible.

The cut of him/her – someone is disheveled looking.

Hurler on the ditch - Someone giving advice that they know nothing about.

I’m grand – I’m fine

Craic – Great fun

Kerry for Sam – County Kerry to win the All-Ireland Football Finals and bring home the Sam Maguire cup.