Tourism up dramatically in Ireland in 2011 figures show

Tourism in Ireland is down 12 percent this year

The number of visitors to Ireland is up this year and the Irish tourism industry is reporting a "good recovery" in the figures.

The US is leading the way with a 12 percent increase in numbers, a dramatic increase from 2010. More Americans traveling and cheaper hotels and restaurants are also having a major impact.

According to data collated by Tourism Ireland, figures show a 9 percent increase in overseas visitors to the Republic and a 4 percent increase in visitors to Northern Ireland in the first quarter of the year.

There has been an increase of 7 percent in the number of visitors from the UK, 12 percent from North America, 10 percent from mainland Europe and 5 percent from elsewhere, reports the Irish Times.

Passengers to Dublin airport are up 7 percent. However, regional airports are struggling.

A recovery in visitor numbers will only occur if the UK market recovers to pre-recession levels, stated Tourism Ireland in its mid-year Situation and Outlook Analysis and Report (Soar).

Global tourism is seeing a worldwide increase, with 4 to 5 percent growth, with a 6 percent growth in Europe.


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