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Niall O'Dowd: Why Rory McIlroy is happier to be British and not Irish

I think I know why Rory McIlroy is happier with his British identity rather than his Irish one.

It starts with North Down, the area he comes from.

For the length of The Troubles, North Down was never a hot bed of nationalism, preferring most of the time to send very moderate nationalist politicians to the parliament in Britain...READ MORE

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Patricia Smith photographed with a portrait of her mother Moira, the female police officer to die in the 9/11 World Trade attacksDaughter of NYPD 9/11 hero celebrates her mother’s life 11 years after New York attack

Eleven years ago New York Police Department (NYPD) Officer Moira Smith lost her life during the 9/11 World Trade attacks. Eleven years on, her 13-year-old daughter takes comfort in the remembrance ceremonies and remembering September 11th heroes like her mom...READ MORE

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Shocking ‘Embarrassing Irish Nightlife’ explicit photos fan page goes viral - POLL

A Facebook fan page dedicated to exposing shocking photos of Irish revelers on drunken nights out is quickly becoming a viral hit...READ MORE






Memories of 9/11 over a decade laterMemories of a devastated New York City on 9/11’s anniversary

I was on air in the Clare FM studios in Ennis when it happened. The discussion on the current affairs show was about coping with bereavement when the newsroom advised me on the headphones that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers in New York...READ MORE

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The Irish working at the One World Trade Center siteThe many Irish helping One World Trade Center reach new heights in New York City

In many ways, the Irish working at the One World Trade Center today can parallel the Irish helping to build New York City over a century ago...READ MORE

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