Today's Irish news roundup


Here's today's top read stories in Irish news

Dance of the dolphins -- 50 dolphins put on amazing display for researchers off County Donegal - VIDEO

Dolphins off the coast of County Donegal at Lough Swilly

Top read story in news from Ireland

Dancing dolphins is a rarity but a team of researchers of Ireland’s Northwest coast recently witnessed just that...READ MORE



Ireland  is losing its religion - now becoming an atheist countryIreland losing its religion - among top ten atheist countries

According to a poll by Gallup International, Ireland now ranks among the top ten atheist nations worldwide, in a huge shift from the last poll in 2005...READ MORE





GOP senate contender Todd Akin who made controversial statements on rapeIrish pro-life group agrees with GOP senate contender Todd Akin on rape and pregnancy - VIDEO

Life Zone, the Irish anti-abortion group, has come out in favor of comments by Missouri senate candidate Todd Akin on rape...READ MORE





Manhattan Diary: Todd Aiken's 'legitimate rape' and the Romney-Ryan war on women - VIDEO

Sometimes conservatives let the curtain drop and you can see what they really think about an issue. That happened this weekend with Congressman Todd Aiken, the Representative from Missouri...READ MORE





The old dynamic duo - Regis Philbin and Kelly RipaKelly Ripa to announce replacement for Regis Phibin on “LIVE! with Kelly” after 59 guest hosts

Top read story in entertainment news

The new co-host of ‘LIVE! with Kelly’ will reveal him or herself by striding onstage for the second episode of the show’s new season on 4th September...READ MORE