Senator David NorrisSenator David Norris

Presidential election candidate David Norris has confirmed he is ‘still in love’ with the man convicted of the statutory rape of a 15-year-old boy in Israel.

Norris has confirmed to reporters that he still loves his former partner Ezra Nawi who was convicted on child rape charges in Israel in the 90s.

The Trinity College academic has also hinted that he may one day publish the seven letters he sent to Israeli authorities pleading for clemency for Nawi at the time of his conviction in 1997.

However the Senator has again claimed that legal advice prevents him publishing even edited versions of the letters in the build-up to the Presidential election at the end of the month.

Speaking to the Newstalk radio station during his election campaign, Norris again stated that he loved Nawi at the time of his conviction. “I still love him,” said the Senator.

Despite legal opinion to the contrary, Norris again claimed that he cannot publish even extracts from the seven letters appealing for clemency on Nawi’s behalf.

“What about the identity of the young lad who is now in his mid-30s?” asked Norris when pressed on the subject.

“The next thing they will be saying is what’s blacked out, why can’t we see it?”
Senator Norris then suggested he may release the letters in the future in an interview with presenter George Hook.


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He added: “Never say never. I just don’t know at the moment but I have to protect vulnerable people. And I’ve said it from the beginning; collateral damage, it’s not fair.

“I’ll take it on the chin but I’m not going to stand by and see other people being hit by friendly fire on my behalf. I’ll take the bullets.”

Norris then admitted: “The statutory rape case changed lives and caused deep scars.”
Asked if he would have published the clemency letters without the legal advice, Norris said: “That’s a question that is impossible to answer, because it’s hypothetical and I’d be dishonest if I answered it.

“Can I just say very honestly I don’t know, I can’t answer it, I’m sorry I can’t answer it and that’s an honest answer.”