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The 20-year-old died of his injuries in hospital at 5am.
The police officer said that, at the time, a witness gave a partial registration of the car carrying the gunman and two others, which produced a match to 11 other vehicles in Northern Ireland. 
Police checks revealed that just one of those was in Newry on the night in question and that it had been purchased by Higgins. 

He later admitted in interview to having bought the car but claimed he'd sold it to travellers a week later.

The car has never been re-registered or seen since, the court was told.
The police officer said Mr Graham's murder is believed to have stemmed from a "substantial and very violent feud over a six-month period", adding that "it was to do with girlfriends and ex-girlfriends".

Higgins and two other men - Gerald Haw, 55, and James McEvoy, 33, both with addresses in Newry - were arrested but only McEvoy was charged. The charges were withdrawn a year later.

But the court heard on Wednesday that new evidence, including CCTV footage, has since come to light.
Both McEvoy and Haw were rearrested on October 26 but police were unable to track down Higgins. He remained at large for almost two weeks before handing himself into a police station.

(Source: Newry Democrat)


The screams of a woman who died after a house fire were graphically described at an inquest into the tragic deaths of two people from the house.

Margaret Sheehan (42) was dragged from the house in a ball of flame after she was heard screaming "don't leave me, don't leave me, I'm on fire".

She died 20 days later at the burns unit of St James's Hospital in Dublin. Gary Linnane (38) died at the scene of the fire in a house on Dublin's North Circular Road on December 3 last year.

Next-door neighbor Kevin Hammond told how he had been woken by a fire alarm at about 1am and could smell smoke.

He realized it was from the house next door and when he checked, the front door of the house was open and the stairway filled with flames.

A man was standing in the first-floor window, panicking and asking for a ladder.
Mr Hammond coaxed him to jump and tried to break his fall.

A passer-by told him there was another person in the hallway of the basement. He could hear her screaming. He crouched low to go below the flames, went into the hallway and grabbed her by the wrists.

The door of the hallway slammed behind him but he got it open and jammed it with his foot and a mobile phone.

With the help of another man he pulled the woman out of the building. They used a fire extinquisher and snow to put out the flames, which had burned off all her clothes.
(Source: The Evening Herald)


Police believe two armed men who robbed businesses in counties Tyrone, Fermanagh and Newry on Saturday could also be responsible for two attempted robberies on Friday.

Two masked men, one carrying a machete, stole money and cigarettes from a commercial premises in the Dernawilt Road area of Rosslea, Co Fermanagh at around 6.05pm on Saturday.

Less than an hour later, two masked men entered a shop in the Main Street area of Augher, Co Tyrone.

One of the men was armed with a hockey stick. The pair stole cigarettes during the robbery.
 (Source: UTV News)


The €200 million redevelopment plan for Galway Port has hit a major stumbling block because site investigation works were carried out without a license from the Department of the Environment, the Galway City Tribune can reveal.

A planning application was due to be lodged directly with An Bord Pleanála at the end of September – however, this could now be delayed until at least next July.

And Galway Harbour Company could be forced to carry out the borehole investigations at the Docks again, adding further delays to the scheme.

Harbour Master Captain Brian Sheridan confirmed that Galway Harbour Company has “pulled back the throttle” on the project as it deals with various issues involved, and that the Taoiseach has been appraised of the situation.

The investigation boreholes carried out at the Docks – for the preparation of the Galway Port Master Plan – were done without a foreshore license and may have to be carried out a second time. It’s understood applications for foreshore licenses were made in the past, but this application process was never completed.

Capt Sheridan said talks are ongoing to resolve the issues, but admitted it may be next June or July before the planning application is submitted to An Bord Pleanála – because the project is considered Strategic Infrastructural Development, it circumvents local planning, although an oral hearing can be called.

A spokesperson for the Department of the Environment confirmed to this newspaper that the borehole investigations may have to be repeated.

“An application has been received from Galway Harbour Company for a foreshore license in respect of site investigation works to be carried out at Galway Harbour. The Harbour Company recently carried out a public consultation process in respect of the application.