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“Afer getting the ferry to Santander, we had to travel by car with all our belongings to Benidorm. We stopped at a service station and a few miles down the road we realised the tyre was flat.”

When they got out to change the tyre the couple realised that the tyre had been slashed.

“An English guy came down the road and stopped to help us. He told us that there had been a number of similar attacks on foreigners.

“It was a real shock. Usually as an Irish person you’d expect to be welcomed around the world. We then had to sleep in the front seats of the car because we were too afraid to lose it as all our belongings were in it. ”

It’s been a roller coaster few weeks for the performer who received huge support from the Irish public after he was humiliated on air when performing on the X Factor. He alleges that the producers of the show had edited his performance to make it look as if the he had cleared the arena. Randy now says that he will “not rest” until Louis Walsh apologises to him.

“We sat down to watch the show and my wife and myself were gutted by what we saw. They had edited it to look like I cleared the arena.

“The comments from Louis Walsh and Kelly Rolland were really ignorant. They told me that I was exactly what the show didn’t need. Gary Barlow was the only one to say something positive and they edited him out.

“They destroyed me and tried to ruin my livlihood.

“The show is vicitmising people and there are gullible people out there who don’t realise what these programmes are doing and how they are using vulnerable people.”

Much of Randy’s anger is directed at pint sized music mogul Louis Walsh, who he feels was particularly distasteful in his comments. “I didn’t expect him to do that, least of all to a fellow countryman.”

Yet vindication was around the corner for the Castleblayney man, who was made unemployed when his father’s company, Castleblayney Steel, closed down. He contacted Ryan Tubridy and from there put in a star turn on The Late Late Show, where no one was left in doubt as to his abilities as a performer.

“The response from the people of Ireland has been overwhelming and has left my wife and I in tears at times. I will always be indebted to them.”
(Source: Dundalk Democrat)


Robbed while praying at the graveside of a parent. It is not a crime you would expect to happen in the leafy suburb where Westport’s Aughvale cemetery is located. Sadly, this daring theft is just one of a spate of daylight robberies that have occurred in the heritage town and its environs over the last month.

And according to the town’s incoming Garda Chief, Inspector Joe McKenna his force will not tolerate such criminality in the heritage haven, noted for its low crime rate.

At last week’s Joint Policing Committee meeting, Insp McKenna revealed that after three women who had buried someone close to them last week returned to the graveyard later in the day to pray, their handbags were robbed from their nearby car.
(Source: The Mayo News)


A huge blaze has destroyed an agricultural premises in Johnstown, Navan, for the second time in just 15 months, leaving a disbelieving local farmer in shock.

On Thursday night, 27th September, a fire started in the outbuildings of a yard at St Martha's, Johnstown, leased by farmer Edmund Curtis.

It is understood that repairs, renovations and re-wiring were only recently completed after a fire wrecked the same premises in June of last year.

Gardai are investigating the incident but the cause of this latest outbreak is not yet known. Winter feedstuffs and straw helped ignite the blaze, leaving the facility effectively beyond repair.
(Source: The Meath Chronicle)


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Two men from Newry have appeared in court in the Republic of Ireland in connection with laundering illegal diesel.

The men, aged 33 and 34, were arrested at commercial premises in Glaslough, County Monaghan, last Monday night.

They appeared before Cavan District Court last Tueday and were remanded in custody.

The arrests follow the recovery of a tanker delivering 40,000 litres of diesel.

Customs officers followed the tanker and raided an illegal diesel laundering plant.