News from around the 32 counties of Ireland



A Randalstown man has been stung by thieves after they stole a hive full of honey bees.

Ian Wallace, who has been keeping bees for 30 years, was left stunned after he made the discovery on Wednesday, February 20.

In the winter time, bees hibernate and, two weeks ago, Ian paid a visit to the hive to check things were as they should be.
[Source: Antrim Guardian]


The latest case of an animal carcass being dumped in local water supply has sparked outrage among the local community and prompted Sinn Fein Councilor Terry Hearty to condemn the perpetrators as “utterly reprehensible.”

Mr. Hearty expressed his disgust after the discovery of a rotting cow carcass in Lough Ross two weeks ago. The disturbing find follows a similar incident in January when the carcasses of two cows were found dumped in Creggan River, along a stretch of the river popular with walkers in the Poet’s Glen.

Commenting on the latest incident, Councilor Hearty said: “I am absolutely appalled and disgusted that somebody could stoop so low as to dump an animal in our drinking water supply at Lough Ross.”


Gardaí (police) investigating the deaths of a couple in a murder-suicide in a B&B have been speaking to their family members in a bid to establish a possible motive for the incident.

Gardaí have named the deceased as John Deegan (53), Cadamstown, Birr, County Offaly, and Deirdre Keenan (51), Carragh Road, Naas, Co. Kildare.

Postmortems on both remains have confirmed they died of gunshot wounds. Mr. Deegan’s legally held shotgun was found at the scene.

He is believed to have regularly carried the gun in his van, which was parked near the B&B in Carlow Town where the couple was found dead at about 1:30 p.m. last Monday.
[Source: Irish Times]


A Cavan Town resident has launched a campaign to get a skate-park built for the town's kids.

John Moore says that the town and kids would benefit in terms of health and not falling into a life of crime or drug-abuse, or worse, like so many of his childhood friends did.

In an e-mail to Cavan County Council, he outlines the benefits of a park for the kids and teenagers of the town and says that they have "no place to meet up and hang out with friends, they are just getting into trouble with Gardaí (police), drinking and taking drugs".

He emphasizes that a skate-park would "be a great place for the kids to socialize, stay out of trouble and get much-needed exercise".
[Source: The Anglo Celt]


The memory of a newborn baby who passed away at the Cliffs of Moher in 2006 is set to be honored in March as part of events to mark the 25th anniversary of the twinning of Ennis with Phoenix, Arizona.

Baby Nicholas was born prematurely to American parents Kelly Stokes and Delia Garcia Stokes, passing away shortly after his birth. His parents were so touched with the support they received at the time of the tragedy that they have raised over $80,000 to supply emergency equipment and emergency response training for personnel at the cliffs. The first-aid center at the tourist destination is called The Nicholas Room in their son’s honor.

On March 16 at 11 a.m., runners, joggers and walkers will gather at the Cliffs of Moher for a five-mile trek to remember Nicholas and also to raise funds for the first-aid room and the neo-natal unit of the Mid-Western Regional Maternity Hospital. Among them will be Delia and Kelly, who will travel from their home in Phoenix.
[Source: Clare Champion]


It is believed that a former public representative remains in Garda (police) custody after he allegedly tried to hire a hit-man to murder a number of people.

Gardaí in Gurranabraher arrested the man on suspicion of conspiracy to murder last Thursday morning in the Cork area. The male is in his late 30s.

He is currently detained at Gurranabraher Garda Station under the provisions of Section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act 2007, which allows Gardaí to detain suspects for up to seven days.
[Source: Cork Independent]


S.D.L.P. Derry City Councilor Jimmy Carr has unreservedly apologized last Friday for remarks he made about a fellow councilor’s Scottish accent.

He said: “I want to unreservedly apologize to Clr. Eric McGinley for my rash and insensitive remarks.

I will be offering my apology in person to Clr. McGinley [on Friday]. I regret that I did not take the opportunity to retract the words I used in Facebook earlier.”
[Source: Derry Journal]


Up to eight women a day are being advertised for prostitution online everyday in Donegal, according to the Immigrant Council of Ireland.

Local T.D.S. and senators are being called upon to help to speed up a review of the laws on prostitution following the revelation.