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The woman, who may not be named in order to protect the identity of the children, pleaded guilty to eight sample charges of assaulting, ill-treating and neglecting the children in a manner likely to cause unnecessary suffering or injury to their health over a seven-year period from May, 2002 to June, 2009, contrary to Section 246 (1) and (2) of the Children’s Act, 2001. The charges relate to two of the woman’s sons and six of her daughters.

Detective Sergeant Kieran McNamara outlined a litany of physical abuse which the woman subjected her young children to.

On one occasion, she watched when her 14-years-old daughter was stabbed through the arm and then helped stitch the wound at home with a needle and thread so that the girl, who was regularly beaten and tortured along with her seven siblings, could not make a complaint to the authorities. The wound and stitches became infected, but she was not taken to hospital.

A doctor who examined the girl’s arm in 2009, when the children were eventually taken into care, “cringed” at the thought that the child was stitched without anaesthetic, Det Sgt McNamara said.
The mother regularly attached vicegrips to her children’s noses, ears and lips to punish them and on one occasion tied another daughter to a horse, whipping both the child and the horse so that it would bolt and hurt the child.

Another daughter was tied to a tree and whipped. Her mother laughed at her when she was eventually set free.

She regularly beat one of her sons very badly with whips and sticks in a bid to make him look disabled so that she could claim benefit for him.

In victim impact statements read to the court, one daughter said of her mother, “she was not a mother to me. She was an evil bitch.”

Imposing sentence, Judge Raymond Groarke said it was incredible that the abuse could go on for so many years with little or no intervention.
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Two men are due to be sentenced this month for their parts in what was described as a sophisticated operation to steal a bank ATM containing more than €250,000.

The Circuit Criminal Court in Tralee, Co Kerry, was told that the ATM was ripped from the wall of an AIB bank using an excavator during the early-morning raid.

At 5am on 13 November 2010, a number of residents of Castleisland's Main Street in Co Kerry were awoken by the noise of an excavator being used to rip an ATM from the wall of the town's AIB bank branch.

The operation was meticulously planned, with the raiders identifying and stealing a €100,000 excavator and even conducting a dummy run in the weeks before the raid itself.

The ATM contained more than €234,000 in cash, and the raiders caused an additional €100,000 in damage when they ripped the machine from the wall of the bank.

But they were forced to flee empty-handed when they failed to lift the ATM with the cash onto the back of a waiting truck.

Two men who were arrested half an hour later after a high-speed chase were before the Circuit Criminal Court in Tralee last week.

Construction worker Christopher Murney, 25, from Mayobridge, Co Down, and 30-year-old mechanic Thomas Wilson from Banbridge, Co Down, pleaded guilty to four counts each arising out of the raid, including the theft of the ATM and cash, and criminal damage to the bank.
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Police in Newbridge unearthed a cache of stolen property when they searched an apartment in the town following a number of weekend incidents.

Sergeant James O’Sullivan said that that on Friday week last 8 July, there were three separate incidents of mobile phones being stolen from people walking in the town. Cache of stolen goods found in Newbridge flat “Two of the incidents happened on Athgarvan Road and the other at Canning Place.

"In each case, the victims were teenage girls who had their mobile phones snatched by two other girls.”

Cache of stolen goods found in Newbridge flat Sgt O’Sullivan added that on the following day (Saturday) a handbag was stolen from a premises at Naas Road, while in the early hours of last Sunday morning, at around Cache of stolen goods found in Newbridge flat 5am, two premises at Henry Street – one a hairdressing salon, the other a shop – were broken into and a large amount of goods taken.

As a result of investigations, local gardaí searched an apartment at Charlotte Street, in the town centre, where they discovered a considerable amount of the stolen property, including goods from the shop, the mobile phones and the contents of the stolen handbag.

Three people (two females and a male) were arrested and detained at Newbridge garda station and were later brought before the special court sitting held in Naas last Tuesday morning.
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Fifty anti-skate park protesters took over City Hall armed with placards and a petition of 170 signatures in objection to the development of a skate park at the Closh, opposite the cinema, last Monday night.