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Senator David Norris is at the center of a new diplomatic lobbying scandal – involving another former boyfriend.

The Irish Sun newspaper has reported that Norris lobbied members of the Irish senate on behalf of his Algerian partner in 2007.

He pleaded with the Senate on behalf of Tevfik Akin after his then partner’s application for Irish citizenship had been turned down.

The new story has broken just months after the revelation that Norris wrote seven letters to the Israeli authorities appealing for clemency for a former boyfriend convicted of child rape.

Now it has emerged that Norris brought his then boyfriend to the Senate when he publicly appealed for his citizenship to be granted in 2007.



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Akin, no longer romantically attached to Norris, has since received an Irish passport and currently works at a Dublin hospital.

An Algerian native, Akin had arrived in Ireland in 2001 as an asylum seeker and was granted refugee status before his application for citizenship was turned down in 2006.

With Akin watching from the visitor’s gallery in April 2007, Norris addressed the Senate on his behalf.

Senator Norris described Akin as a ‘friend of mine and my partner’ before questioning the decision of the Department of Justice to turn down his application for citizenship.

“The gentleman in the visitors’ gallery demands to know who put a black mark against him and what is that black mark,” asked Senator Norris.

“I want the officials in the department to know I will pursue this matter to the bitter end.

“Woe for them if they have behaved wrongly because if I cannot get an answer in the Oireachtas (parliament), I will make sure in the courts that I get an answer.”

Norris also claimed in the Senate that Akin had been turned down for Irish citizenship because he is Muslim.

“I have asked him at every stage of this process whether there is any matter, including of a criminal nature, of which he is ashamed of and he has assured me again and again that this is not the case,” added Norris in his Senate address.

“His only crime I can determine is that he is from a Muslim background.”