He cured Michael Flatley, he can cure you too


The Irish man who healed “Riverdance” star, Michael Flatley, from a mystery virus is in New York this week treating less-famous patients!

Michael O’Doherty is adamant that he is not a miracle healer but Irish dance star Flatley said his treatment was astonishing.

Flatley, who is back dancing and training, said he contacted O’Doherty after conventional medicine failed to cure him.

Flatley was taken ill in 2006 with a virus that forced him to cancel the European leg of his Celtic Tiger tour.

“By chance, I met a young man from Ireland called Michael O’Doherty who works on the body’s energy," Flatley said.

“When he came to visit me, I could barely get out of the chair. He saw me for about an hour and I walked for about a mile afterwards, which was the first time in a year that I’d been able to do that.”

After 10 sessions with his new therapist, Flatley claims to be back in full health and ready for whatever life throws at him.

“I feel really good. Great, in fact. I can dance at speed and I'm close to 100 percent fit again," said the dancer.

O’Doherty plays down his role, saying Flatley was already on the road to recovery.

“What was really a success was that he was so positive,” O’Doherty, 45, told IrishCentral.com on Monday at the Nurture Center in New York.

O’Doherty, from County Clare, and Tom Grifffin, from County Mayo, have been working on alternative therapies for the past 20 years.

The pair, who met while working as prison officers in Ireland, established the Plexus Bio-Energy Clinic in Ennis in 1988.

Their interest in alternative therapies grew from their interest in martial arts while working as prison officers.

“When Tom and myself got involved at the beginning we started healing friends but we never anticipated or planned for where this is at today,” said O’Doherty.

After years of learning the required healing techniques, the friends appeared on “The Late Late Show,” Ireland’s longest-running TV show.

Host Gay Byrne challenged the young men to heal a variety of ailments ranging from arthritis to depression. The results shocked Ireland as former patients confirmed live on TV that O’Doherty and Griffin were on to something good.

The day after the show aired, the duo got over 6,000 calls. They were booked solid for the next year and they didn’t charge for it.

“We wanted to prove to people that this worked so we didn’t start charging money for our services until our fourth year,” said O’Doherty. 

O’Doherty says that diseases are caused by “a breakdown of the energy system of the body.” And this is where the boys come in.

“We restore the body’s natural energy to cure any sort of sickness. If we can work with the energy system of the body it doesn’t make a difference if it’s a learning disorder, a behavioral disorder, ADD or depression, anxiety or panic, it doesn’t make a difference what the medical term is, if we get the energy system right then the bodies physiology takes that on and the patient begins to feel better,” he said.

“Using bio-energy healing, I’ve seen people recover from everything and anything. People in wheelchairs, people with cancer or chronic depression. They’ve recovered,” he said.

But O’Doherty is adamant about one thing: “I am not a miracle healer.”

He said, “I want to get away from the idea that one individual is able to heal someone over another or that Michael O’Doherty is a chosen God. We are all healers. I can teach anyone to teach what I do and to emulate it.”

O'Doherty has hundreds of success stories.

IrishCentral spoke with a past client of O’Doherty’s, who is from County Down but now lives in Boston.

Hugh Rice, 36, broke his back and damaged his spinal nerves when he was 19 in a dirt-bike accident in County Down. After seven months in a hospital, doctors told Rice it looked like he may never walk again. He was gutted.

However, after visiting his parents - they were living in Ennis, County Clare - he heard about this new type of “energy therapy” and decided to give it a go.

Now 15 years later, Rice is telling IrishCentral that he is healthy, married with a baby, owns his own masonry company and plays soccer.

“For sure, if I didn’t see Michael back then I would not have the life I have today,” he said gladly.

Rice spent six months under O’Doherty’s care and after a few weeks was able to walk again.

“If I didn’t meet Michael life would be totally different for me today. I wouldn’t be a Yank after all,” he laughs.

Rice said it’s important when attending a bio-energy therapist to have an open mind and be positive.

“If you’re positive it will work,” he said.

Rice, who has been living in Boston for eight years, said he was down in the dumps and skeptical when he first went to see O’Doherty, but it “wasn’t long becoming positive when he saw his legs moving again.”