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The internet blogger who publicized details of the David Norris letters of support for a convicted child rapist has been deluged with hate mail.

London based Irishman John Connolly (22), who admits to being pro-Israeli, spent all of last week trying to publicize the story on online forums and blogs.

It was eventually picked up by traditional media at the weekend with the Norris campaign now in tatters as a result.

“I have received hundreds of emails which were mainly hate mail after my initial blog,” Connolly told the Irish Independent.

“The majority at the beginning was attack mail, a lot of people thought this was a conspiracy against Norris, linking Mossad, the Israeli secret service, and such. Pretty ridiculous stuff.

“And there were a few die-hard Norris supporters saying he couldn’t be blamed for what had gone on, because he was an ex-partner.”

The tone of the emails has changed somewhat since the Norris letters were published.



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“They are saying now this is the first major victory of the Irish blogosphere,” added Connolly who also admitted to having a problem with public criticism of Israeli policies by Norris in the past.

“I was inspired to investigate Mr Norris’s former partner after I was tipped off by a person I was good friends with back in Ireland,” revealed Connolly.

“It was someone who was in the trade union movement and a lot of other similar kind of movements. I’m not sure of his or her party affiliation.

“I was trying to get the story out frantically all week on forums. When I found about the conviction, I thought it would interest everybody. I have absolutely no preference in the presidential election.”

“I do now feel a bit betrayed because I think now that in fact this person was sympathetic to Michael D Higgins and perhaps had the idea of getting Norris out of the race for Higgins to eat up his votes.”

A native of Bantry in Cork, Connolly has admitted that his own pro-Israeli views motivated his decision to publicize the details of the Norris involvement in the rape case of his former lover Ezra Yishak Nawi.

Norris has long been critical of the Israeli government and its treatment of the Palestinian people.
The 22-year-old student has also confirmed his suspicions that the information he received about the Norris letter of support for Nawi was sent to him by a Labor Party sympathizer.

Denying any contact with the Israeli authorities, Connolly told the Irish Independent that he now feels ‘betrayed’ by the source whom he believes to be a supporter of the Michael D Higgins presidential campaign.

“I think now that in fact this person was sympathetic to Michael D Higgins, and perhaps had the idea of getting Norris out of the race for Higgins to eat up his votes,” Connolly told the paper.
Labor Party candidate Higgins denied any involvement in the smear campaign against Senator Norris.

“I can tell you that it was certainly not anybody in my campaign, or anyone associated with me in any way. I don’t approve of, or indulge, in that kind of politics,” said Higgins.