Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck deems Mike Huckabee to be ‘progressive’


Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck this week unleashed the most toxic word in the conservative lexicon to describe his fellow Fox News co-worker Mike Huckabee. 

It was a description that startled listeners to his radio show who know that, for Beck, it has a near satanic significance. 

In the past Beck has controversially cliamed that progressivism, meaning an individual with activist liberal political outlook, is a "cancer" which must be eliminated in America. 

So when Beck calls Huckabee a progressive it's tantamount to a declaration of war between the two arch conservatives.

Huckabee's sin was his endorsement of First Lady Michelle Obama's anti-obesity campaign. By pointing out that many American parents regularly feed junk food and sugary soda to their kids, Huckabee was in Beck's view attacking the markets and capitalism - a thing that no conservative should ever do.

Huckabee very reasonably explained that Michelle Obama was not trying to tell people what they can or cannot eat - but instead the First Lady was simply addressing the very obvious American problem of childhood obesity by advocating for healthier diets. 

Beck believes Huckabee became a progressive by simply clarifying that fact. So now he's cancer and must be eradicated, presumably.