An eyewitness account from an Occupy Dame Street protester


From Monica there is the occasional cluck of disapproval but always, an eye on what’s needed.

Those assemblies are worth noting. It was the first time I had come across what’s become known as the People’s Microphone – someone shouts ‘mike check’ and immediately everyone within ear-shot repeats the call; attention grabbed, from there the speaker has every phrase (offered only in very short bursts) likewise repeated, so that everyone hears what’s being said. I had often wondered how Daniel O'Connell had made himself heard by the hundreds of thousands who attended his mass gatherings in the 1800s – could this have been his method also?

The night on the tiles was rough, I won't pretend otherwise, tough on these worn old bones but very survivable nevertheless, and without question, worth the effort. This is now a worldwide struggle to take back what’s been wrenched from us, a struggle to return to the original ideals of modern democracy – liberty, equality, fraternity; government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Read any of those who were there for the birth of an independent America and see where it says ‘the banks shall be first and the people shall be the last’ – you won’t find any such statement, any such sentiment, but across Europe, in the USA, that’s what’s happening.

This wrong continues only because we allow it to continue, only because we are not making enough noise in protest. Do it now – with over €60bn in Irish bank bonds still due over the next three years, it’s not yet too late. Let those bank bondholders suffer their own pain, as we are forced to suffer ours.