Top three Irish dancing competition girls results from O'Rourke School Feis


O'Rourke Irish Dance hosts 2nd annual Irish dancing competition
in Purchase, New York Saturday.

The second O'Rourke School Feis was held Saturday February 4th at State University of New York's Purchase Campus.  Competitive Irish dancers, teachers and families from the tri-state area and perimeter traveled to Westchester County to meet up with friends and for many, to test out 2012 Irish dance steps on a new stage.  Champion-level dancers showed up in droves looking for constructive criticism by adjudicators before heading to Dublin next week for the All Ireland Irish Dancing Championships.

Top Three results for girls and ladies in Open Championships are shown here with our thanks to Lu-Ann O'Rourke-Boyd, TCRG and Feis411. Full results will be available on FeisWeb soon.

McKayla Boyd wins with perfect 300 score!
Photo courtesy LuAnn O'Rourke-Boyd

Open Girls under 9
1 - McKayla Boyd from O'Rourke (NY) with perfect 300!
2 - C. Sulger from Pender-Keady (NY)
3 - M. Webber from Mulvihill-Lynch (NY)

Open Girls under 10
1 - Bridget Albrades from Mulvihill-Lynch (NY)
2 - E. Grace from Kelly-Oster (NY)
3 - A. McIntyre from Johnston (NY)

Sierra Donovan from O'Rourke wins Open Girls under 11
photo courtesy Lu-Ann O'Rourke-Boyd TCRG

Open Girls under 11
1 - Sierra Donovan from O'Rourke (NY)
2 - N. Ahern from Gilleoghan (CT)
3 - A. Guidarelli from Hagen (NY)

Open Girls under 12
1 - Kerry Thornton from Mulvihill-Lynch (NY)
2 - K. Betz from Ryan-Kilcoyne (PA)
3 - B. Mosher from Petri (NY)

Open Girls under 13
1 - Caroline Murphy from Lynn (CT)
2 - C. Murray Macritchie from Murray (NH)
3 - K. Curtis from Johnston (NY)

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Open Girls under 14

1 - Kate Babcock from Harney (MA)
2 - A. C. Sheehan from
3 - Nicole Greco from Gilleoghan (CT)