The worst Irish insults and racial slurs - from Cat-lick to Mackerel Snapper

While many Irish stereotypes and slurs have fallen out of use, others are still surprisingly common.

NINA – “No Irish Need Apply” (from the days of the potato famine and they immigrated to the US and nobody wanted to hire them).

Paddy - Used mainly in Britain. Similar negative connotations as "nigger." Comes from St. Patrick and/or from the common Irish name Padraig. Also spelled Patty.

Paddy Wagon - Variation of "paddy." The term Paddy Wagon derives from the idea that the Irish were all criminals, and when the police came to quell a brawl or something of the like, they would just be rounding up a bunch of "paddys."

Plastic Paddy - Term used by the Irish describing those who grew up in the a foreign country (specifically the UK) and still identify as being Irish.

Pogue - Possibly from Irish Gaelic "pogue mo thoin", meaning "kiss my arse". Could also refer to the Irish folk group "The Pogues" who did popular traditional Irish songs.

Pot-Licker - During the potato famine, they would lick their pots clean to get every last morsel of food.

Provo - Shortened form of "Provisional Irish Republican Army (I.R.A.)" which is the most noted of the pro Northern Irish independence terrorist groups.

Shant - Poor Irish people. Derived from the shacks they lived in -- the shanty.

Shillelagh-Hugger - A shillelagh is a staff commonly use by the Irish.

SID – This stands for “Small Irish Dick”.

Taig - Means "hero" in Gaelic. Used today as an insult by the Loyalist community in Northern Ireland.

Tory - Bandit, from the Irish Tory Island, a noted have for bandits and pirates. Also common slang term for a member of Canada's Conservative party.

Turf-Cutter - Turf is peat moss, found in deep layers in Ireland. It was originally cut by most Irish farmers and used as fuel (an early form of coal). More modernly, it could apply to any drunk Irishmen working as green keepers, such as on golf courses.

Wic – This stands for “White Irish Catholic”.

Source: The Racial Slur Database.